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Technology for Seniors

This class is designed to introduce technology to Senior Citizens and those who are not tech savvy in a safe environment with heavy emphasis on maintaining security and protecting their identity.  

It is the objective of this class to have participants use technology confidently to perform basic functions such as:

     * Communicate with family and friends via social media

     * Use apps and technology for daily exercise 

     * Use apps as reminders to take prescribed medications

     * Setup and use email to communicate

     * Protect their identity by using technology in a safe and secure manner

     * Tele-medicine (Online doctor's appointments)

     * Much, much. more

This course is a community course with the main goal of introducing technology to Seniors for life improvement, leisure, and basic performing many of today's basic functions. 

After concluding this course, the participant is ready to confidently use many technology and many technical functions with ease. 

Course Code: T4S

Course Name: Technology for Seniors

Course Length: 4-6 Hours (course customization & tailoring available)

Course Availability: scheduled open enrollment & private sessions available

For more information, call (773) 255 - 9773

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