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All That God Made Me

This class is designed to build self-esteem and induce confidence in  the youth of our generation.  Originally designed and delivered as a conference for teenage girls, this course provides the powerful and compelling reasoning for acknowledging the good that God has created you to accomplish.

It is the objective of this class to have participants come away

motivated to be the best and most successful 'you' that is

possible.  It provides compelling motivation to"

     * Identify & ignore negative labels that may have been

        applied by others

     * Understand that God has purpose for you in life

     * Live your best life as the best you

     * Experience success in life by being the 'you' that God created

     * Accept and take on the label that God assigned when He created you & the                 uniqueness of you

     * Be a leader as opposed to always following

     * Develop the positive you that make better positive decisions

     * Be the leader that God has purposed you to be

This course is a community course with the main goal of building the self-esteem and instilling the confidence that produces life's leaders.. 

After concluding this course, the participant should acknowledge that their uniqueness if a gift that God has given them to lead, while being unaffected and un-concerned about the negative labels that others apply to them.

Course Code: ATGMM

Course Name: All That God Made Me

Course Length: Approximately 6 Hours (course customization & tailoring available)

Course Availability: scheduled open enrollment & private sessions available

For more information, call (773) 255 - 9773

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