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The Bible history of Black People

This in-depth informative course covers the time periods from man's creation up to today, while preparing the participant to explain biblical content relative to world history. At each stage of God's governance, the descendants of Noah's son                                           Ham (indigenous Black People), are identified,                                                               explained, and their scriptural and earthly relevance is                                                comprehensively explained. You will see the many                                                        contributions to humanity made by Black People that's                                                recorded in scripture.


This course is 100% Bible based with scriptural references and explanations that connect the Bible and Black People to the history of the World. From the creation of man to the present, the Bible has always revealed the importance of Noah's descendants through Ham (indigenous Africans and those of African descent) to God's plan for humanity and the world.


This course will improve your understanding of the Bible and God's plan for the world by understanding His purpose for humanity.

Course Code: BHBPFPBI

Course Name: A People * A Purpose 'he Bible History of Black People'

Course Length: 8 Sessions

Course Availability: scheduled open enrollment & private sessions available

FPBI-CE Credit Hours: 60

For more information, call (773) 255 - 9773

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